SIMA Symposium Roadshow 2021

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Weather Command® will be at the 2021 Cleveland Roadshow in August.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend the Minneapolis and Philadelphia Roadshows this year. We hope that the information provided on this page and throughout our website will pique your interest in our products and services! Please contact John Boyle at 847-987-3536 or for more information.

Whether you’re a government agency, snow removal service, outdoor contractor or any weather-sensitive organization, you don’t want to take chances with your operations.

Weather Command® provides your business with accurate, reliable and timely information that allows you to proactively react to current and impending conditions – thereby empowering you to make smarter strategic decisions and maximize your profitability.

Our warnings include: snow and ice warnings, thunderstorm warnings, heavy rain warnings, high wind warnings and more. We can fully customize the warnings you receive based on your specific needs.

Snow & Ice Warning Features & Benefits

  • Proactive Pre-Storm Notification: We alert you typically two to four hours before conditions develop, and we will update you whenever conditions change significantly. You can choose to receive your storm warnings by text message, email or fax; we can also follow up with a phone call 24/7 to make sure you have received the warning. As a result of this timely notification, you’re able to optimize crew and equipment deployment and ultimately ensure the safety of your crews and the general public.
  • Highly Detailed Information: Our storm and weather warnings contain extensive information about the type, expected intensity, duration and amount of precipitation, lightning, temperatures, wind conditions before, during and after the weather event and, most importantly, the impact of the storm on your operations.
  • 24/7 Availability: Talk to a professional meteorologist every time you call. We’re ready with up-to-the-minute weather details, so you never have to second guess radar data or listen to a pre-recorded message or wait for an email response.
  • Easy-to-Understand Color Codes: We don’t just provide a forecast. Our experienced meteorologists give you actionable insights to understand how the forecast will impact your operations and what level of response will be needed. At-a-glance color coding – green, yellow, red and black – mean you can quickly and easily understand how your business will be affected, so you can make confident, timely decisions.
  • Fixed-Price Seasonal Fees: Our pre-determined pricing covers daily, monthly, seasonal or annual service for the weather hazards that you are concerned with.

Operational Forecast Features & Benefits

  • Daily Operating Forecasts: Weather can change rapidly, so providing you with one or more forecasts each day gives you even better information to optimize and plan your operations well in advance. Click here for a sample daily forecast.
  • Pavement Forecasts: Our proprietary pavement prediction algorithms determine the hour-by-hour likelihood and severity of road/bridge icing, frost conditions and more, empowering you to take proactive measures to help keep bridges and other road surfaces safe for motorists while optimizing manpower and materials.
  • Long range and seasonal forecasts: Advance notification of upcoming weather patterns and pattern changes to keep key decision makers informed and ready to make proactive decisions.

Snow & Ice Accumulation Reports

Need to confirm the amount of snow that fell in specific locations at specific times? Weather Command® provides highly accurate, certified third-party snow accumulation reports that are accepted in court. These reports can also help improve billing accuracy for snow and ice removal, solve contractor disputes and save property management organizations thousands of dollars in billing errors.

Our staff of professional meteorologists create our snow accumulation reports via a combination of measured inputs obtained from the National Weather Service, cooperative observers, municipalities and staff meteorologists, as well as digital precipitation array data from NEXRAD radar sites.

Snow Accumulation Report Options

Our Certified snow and ice accumulation reports can be customized to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Certified Site-Specific Snow & Ice (CSSS) Reports via Website
  • Certified Site-Specific Snow & Ice (CSSS) Reports (other locations outside Website)
  • Certified Regional Snowfall Totals (CRST) Reports
  • Certified Zip Code Based (CZIP) Reports
    • Your reports can be on a seasonal subscription basis or a one-time as needed reporting