Weather Expert Testimony

When weather-related issues impact your litigation, you need more than the free information and generic reports that can be obtained online. You need credible testimony from a recognized weather expert.

Our team of professional meteorologists, including a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, can provide site-specific certified weather reports that will validate the weather that was happening at a specific location and a specific time. Our analysis provides detailed insights into the meaning and limits of the weather data available – meaning you get greater certainty in the weather-related specifics of the case you are presenting.

Impact of Weather Command® Expert Testimony

When you work with Weather Command® experts, you gain reliable expertise and accurate data:

  • We use only sound and accepted meteorological practice and principles.
  • We can provide detailed, site-specific information for any geographic location you want to target – not just the nearest airport.
  • We can present our evidence as a neutral third party via written opinions, depositions and live courtroom testimony.

By leveraging certified experts and highly precise data, you gain confidence in your case and credibility with the judge and jury.

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