Murray & Trettel and Weather Command®

Our Company

Our two brands complement each other with one singular focus: Weather Empowerment®.

  • Our Murray & Trettel brand manages our meteorological and environmental monitoring, weather data management and weather instrument services.
  • Our Weather Command® brand manages our weather forecasting, storm warnings and storm reports, past weather reports, weather reconstruction and weather expert testimony services.

We serve clients across the country from our headquarters in Palatine, Illinois located in suburban Chicago and our satellite office in Pennsylvania.

Our unmatched weather expertise is led by Thomas Piazza, President and CEO, a Certified Consulting Meteorologist with more than four decades of hands-on experience. Click here to learn more about the rest of our esteemed management team.

Our History

We bring a long and proud tradition of innovation in the weather industry. We were founded in 1946 by John Murray and Dennis Trettel, two trailblazers who sought to provide the industry with something it never had before: accurate, site-specific forecasts on a real-time basis.

Not only did they forecast the weather, they also learned to forecast the weather’s impact on their client’s operations. Since then, our company has pioneered many weather firsts, including the first (and to our knowledge only) company to use operational color coding to indicate the severity of predicted weather conditions, so clients can quickly and easily determine the potential impact on their operations.

Today, our services benefit a broad range of businesses and industries, including energy companies, attorneys, snow/ice removal contractors, landscapers, entertainment facilities, sports venues, film production crews, insurers, manufacturers, government agencies and more.

Weather Command Remote Operations


Continue to call for questions: 847-963-9000 and hit 2 for the On-Duty Forecasters (working remotely). Non-Urgent questions can be emailed to:

See updated detailed letter below:



Dear Valued Weather Command® Client,

In this ever changing environment and unprecedented times we find ourselves in due to the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), we here at Weather Command® have been hard at work ensuring a continuity of our forecasting and warning services that includes continuing consultations with our forecast staff. We are working entirely remotely away from our main Palatine office. 

You should not see any change in the forecast or warning products that we typically issue. While we are working remotely, you can continue to call in to our forecast center at 847-963-9000 and hit 2 to speak with a forecaster. That call will get routed to the Forecasters on duty for that shift. We would advise that this option be reserved for the most critical of forecast or warning questions.

We will also be opening up a new alternate ability of weather questions being directed to our forecast center email address at . Questions directed to this email address would be answered as quickly as possible, most likely within 30 minutes of the question being posted. Questions sent here would be for non-critical weather situations.

As a staff, we will (as needed) be increasing the amount of important information that we send out with our Blackboard mass messaging system to help keep everyone informed of important weather information. With our Blackboard messages, hopefully we will answer questions that you might have that and would mitigate the need for a phone or email weather question.

We will also be posting any urgent information on our webpage at . We appreciate all of your patience with us as we transition and maintain this new posture in our operations at this time.

Wishing you all well!


John Boyle

Executive Vice President / Director of Sales and Marketing

Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) 

Weather Command® / Murray and Trettel, Inc.

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