Snow Accumulation Reports

Need to confirm the amount of snow that fell in specific locations at specific times? Weather Command® provides highly accurate, certified third-party snow accumulation reports that are accepted in court. These reports can also help improve billing accuracy for snow and ice removal, solve contractor disputes and save property management organizations thousands of dollars in billing errors.

Our staff of professional meteorologists create our snow accumulation reports via a combination of measured inputs obtained from the National Weather Service, cooperative observers, municipalities and staff meteorologists, as well as digital precipitation array data from NEXRAD radar sites.

Snow Accumulation Report Options

Our snow accumulation reports can be customized to meet your specific needs, including:

    • Our New for 2016-17 Certified Site-Specific Snowfall (CSSS) Website    (Illinois & Wisconsin locations)
    • Certified Site-Specific Snowfall (CSSS) Reports            (Specific Address)
    • Certified Regional Snowfall Totals (CRST) Reports      (Predetermined list of cities)
    • Your reports can be subscription basis or as needed reporting