Weather Data Management

Murray & Trettel provides expert solutions to help clients meet EPA and NRC requirements by analyzing and reporting on meteorological and ambient sampling data.

Experienced meteorologists and an Environmental Engineer quality assure the data and initiate maintenance if the data indicates a sensor problem. The average valid data recovery for sites maintained by Murray & Trettel normally exceeds 99% – ensuring that your data meets or exceeds regulatory requirements, so you can avoid penalties and optimize your operating costs.

Weather Data Management Solutions

We offer a range of solutions to provide you with the meteorological data you need and the quality you expect, including:

  • Climatological Data and Studies: Clients rely on Murray & Trettel’s analysis of local climate conditions for a wide range of planning needs, from point precipitation estimates after hurricanes to wind and aviation weather analyses for airport construction projects. We will customize the scope of a study to fit your precise goals and objectives.
  • Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling: These studies are performed as a basis for obtaining operating permits, locating ambient air quality sites and determining the impact of a source on the local and regional environments. Services may include source characterization and pollutant emission inventory, as well as the selection of the most appropriate receptor, model, database and report format.