Environmental Monitoring for Meteorological Data

Murray & Trettel provides environmental monitoring services to collect the specific meteorological data required in a broad range of industries, including the nuclear industry, steel manufacturing, utilities, refineries, chemical waste plants and more.

Few companies can match the level of data quality assurance we provide. When you partner with Murray & Trettel, you gain the confidence of knowing that your business will consistently meet all NRC and EPA requirements. The average validated data recovery for our sites is over 99% – ensuring you can avoid the stiff fines and penalties that come from non-compliance issues.

We take our customer service seriously, too. We take the hassles and headaches of compliance off your plate, and we work with you hand in hand, 24/7, wherever and whenever you need us.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Our services can meet many needs, including:

Nuclear Industry Solutions:

Murray & Trettel provides a comprehensive range of services for nuclear facilities around the country, including:

  • Meteorological Monitoring and Consulting:
  • Field Site Services: We provide routine field site visits and preventative maintenance, calibrations, routine measurement and data acquisition system calibrations, and as-needed service to ensure you produce measurements of the highest integrity, at the highest operating levels.
  • In-House Services: Thanks to our capabilities for near real-time remote data downloading and routine quality-controlled digital data reviews, we can develop complete and accurate meteorological databases, produce reliable wind rose tabulations suitable for regulatory applications, and perform air concentration and dose estimates using site meteorology and effluent data and models consistent with ODCM requirements.
  • Emergency Preparedness Consulting: We provide turnkey solutions that include meteorological data backups, forecasting, weather and flooding alerts, sea/lake breeze monitoring, meteorological transport/dispersion (including meteorological scenarios for preparedness drills and exercises) and a full range of consultation services to help you meet your regulatory requirements.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring:

  • Equipment and Site Selection: Opacity, SO2, NOx, location analysis and installation guidance
  • Quality Assurance Plan Development: Routine checks, preventative maintenance, corrective action procedures, audits and calibration procedures
  • Periodic Audits and Calibrations: Quarterly audits
  • Maintenance and Repair Services: Routine visits, troubleshooting, on/off-site repairs

Meteorological and Ambient Air Monitoring:

Trust Murray & Trettel to plan, install and operate air quality monitoring sites. Normal air quality variables measured are SO2, NOx, O3 and TSP/PM10. Data is packaged in AIRS, SAROAD or other format you specify. Projects can vary in scope and may include a small meteorological monitoring tower with instrumentation measuring wind speed, direction, sigma, temperature, humidity and more.