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Murray & Trettel, Inc. was established in 1946 by two Army Air Force weather officers, John R. Murray and Dennis W. Trettel. They set out to provide industry with something it had never had before - accurate site specific forecasts on a real time basis. Not only did they forecast the weather, but they also learned to forecast the weather's impact on their client's operations.

They were the first to use a color code, which has since been widely imitated, to indicate the severity of the impact of weather on a wide range of operations: snow plowing, outdoor work activities, gas and electric use, and of shipping temperature critical items. As our clients' operations have evolved so have our forecasting techniques which have been refined and reworked to better continually meet the needs of today's operations.

The Weather Command weather center continuously accesses the data streams from the National Weather Service (NWS) and uses this information as a starting point in developing forecasts.
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