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Dear Valued Weather Command Client,

I wanted to update you on our continued remote forecasting operations.  As I have previously mentioned, on March 20th we began remote forecasting operations. All of our forecasters have been working remotely since then and have been continuing to issue our forecasting and weather warning products. The forecasters on duty are in constant touch with one another and have been providing seamless operations for our clients.  For our clients that have 24/7 Weather Consultation privileges, we have transitioned over to a new IP Phone system that allows all of the forecasters on duty to be able to answer any incoming phone consultation calls that comes into our Weather Command® Forecast Center phone number from their remote locations.

If for any reason, you have not been able to contact our forecast center by phone since we have been working remotely, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 847-987-3536 or by email at john.boyle@weathercommand.com . 

We look forward to continuing to operate 24/7 with a full staff of meteorologists even in these uncertain times and provide our services Empowering Decision Makers 24/7®.


John Boyle

Executive Vice President

Director of Sales and Marketing

Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM)

Weather Command® / Murray and Trettel, Inc.

Empowering Decision Makers 24/7®

847-987-3536  cell/text number