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2021 is Murray and Trettel’s 75th Anniversary

Our History

We bring a long and proud tradition of innovation in the weather industry. We were founded in 1946 by John Murray and Dennis Trettel, two trailblazers who sought to provide the industry with something it never had before: accurate, site-specific forecasts on a real-time basis.

Not only did they forecast the weather, they also learned to forecast the weather’s impact on their client’s operations. Since then, our company has pioneered many weather firsts, including the first (and to our knowledge only) company to use operational color coding to indicate the severity of predicted weather conditions, so clients can quickly and easily determine the potential impact on their operations.

Today, our services benefit a broad range of businesses and industries, including energy companies, attorneys, snow/ice removal contractors, landscapers, entertainment facilities, sports venues, film production crews, insurers, manufacturers, government agencies and more.