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FORENSIC SERVICES including Expert Testimony

*** Incomplete Information or the Wrong Expert in Weather-Related Litigation Can Cost You Your Case!!!

Why risk your case on highly generic newspaper reports, internet data or the wrong expert? Everyone knows that there are varying degrees of accuracy in weather data and therefore it can be subject to varying degrees of interpretation. Free sources of weather data have these three common disadvantages:

  1. They are free - you get what you pay for.
  2. They are based upon wide time frames.
  3. They are specified for wide geographic areas, or a reporting location so specific its relevancy to your case may be questionable.

Judges and juries find greater credibility in site specific certified reporting provided by a professional meteorological service. We provide daily forecasting and reporting services to recognized clients including:

  • Major Cities
  • International Airports
  • Highway Authorities
  • Sixteen Nuclear Power Plants & Utility Companies
  • Professional Sports Teams

In addition, you can further increase the probability of success by engaging our meteorological analysis services. Our team of professional meteorologists is available for written opinions, depositions or court room testimony, further raising the credibility of your clients’ cases. As you know, a live presentation of facts is far more interesting and compelling to a judge or jury than the reading of any report.

Our firm, WEATHER COMMAND™, can provide you with the level of weather related expert witness services that best meet your litigation needs:

  • We own Weather Records that go back 115 years.
  • Condition Reports - Certified Evidence of weather conditions, including: past weather conditions, climatological data, and a detailed weather report for where the incident occurred, not just the nearest airport.
  • Expert Witness Services - Live credible expert witness for deposition or courtroom appearances… the ultimate service to increase credibility.
  • We’re local - based in the Chicagoland area for over 50 years.

There are many situations when weather can be a factor in Personal Injury, Property Liability, or Wrongful Death litigation, including but not limited to :

  • Slip & Fall cases
  • Lightning Damage / Injury
  • Wind / Storm damage
  • Hail / Flooding
  • Railroad
  • Sun Glare / Sunrise / Sunset
  • Homicide
  • Marine
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Aviation

For more information on our services, or to request a fee schedule please call Tom Piazza, Forensic Meteorologist at 847-934-8230 or e-mail at

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