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  • Headquarters: Palatine, Illinois
  • Listed on Dun and Bradstreet
  • Founded: 1946
  • Employees: 21 in 2 offices (Illinois and Pennsylvania)
  • One of the oldest and most respected meteorological consulting firms in the United States



Murray and Trettel’s Weather Command® Operational Forecast Division operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are a total of sixteen professional meteorologists on staff at Weather Command®.

Based on over fifty years of operational forecast experience, atmospheric conditions are constantly monitored and analyzed in all client areas to optimize reliability, accuracy and timeliness of Weather Command’s Meteorological Services.

Over the past half century, Murray and Trettel has received many awards including the American Meteorological Society’s Award for Outstanding Services to Meteorology by a Corporation.

Murray and Trettel, Inc. is a long-standing member of the American Meteorological Society, the National Council of Industrial Meteorologists, and the Snow and Ice Management Association.


The mission of the corporation is to provide sound advice, information and service to our clients on past, current and future weather conditions; on meteorological and air quality instruments and measurement; and on numerical simulation of the atmosphere. This mission is implemented through traditional weather analysis and forecasting, ambient and in-situ measurement, instrument services in the field, remote data acquisition, studies and reports. In furthering this mission we seek to be a significant contributor to business, industry and government. We endeavor to identify weather-sensitive operations and opportunities; provide timely advice to key decision makers to enhance their cost-effectiveness; manage our operations effectively and in a manner both stimulating and satisfying to all employees.


Thomas R. Piazza, President and CEO of Murray and Trettel, Incorporated, brings to the company more than 30 years of experience in the field of meteorology with more than 15 years in positions of management. Tom joined Murray and Trettel in 1975 after four years of experience as a Weather Officer in the U.S. Air Force. In 1987 he was named President of the Operational Forecast Division, in 1991 Executive Vice President of the Company and in 2001 President and CEO. In addition to his administrative responsibilities as President, Tom retains the title of Chief Meteorologist and continues to manage the Operational Forecast Division.

Mark T. Carroll, Executive Vice President of Murray and Trettel, Incorporated offers nearly 20 years of experience in the field of meteorology in the areas of Consulting Meteorologist and Marketing Management. Mark has served as adjunct Faculty for area colleges, conducting classes in the field of meteorology. In addition to his responsibilities as Vice President of the Company Mark serves as manager of the Environmental Applications Division.


Founded as a partnership by John R. Murray and Dennis W. Trettel, the company was one of the original pioneers in the private sector of the meteorological profession. Originally located in downtown Chicago.
Snow-Ice Storm Warning service, service to Construction Industry and Agricultural advisories services.
Offices moved to Skokie, Illinois
Utility Industry Operational Forecasts, Emergency Warnings and Environmental service to utility companies established. Commodity markets services begun.
Mr. Murray and Mr. Trettel establish Frontage Road Building Corporation, and build an office building in Northfield, Illinois to house Murray and Trettel.
Murray and Trettel is incorporated in the state of Delaware as a C Corporation
Certification by the American Meteorological Society. Media Weather service initiated. Service to Mining industry started. Aviation Forecasting is developed in the Central Weather Service office, which will eventually become a division of Murray and Trettel, Inc. Aviation Forecasting provided to private and corporate interests, Medi-vac Operations, and Aerial Photography.
The company broadens it’s services and creates the Environmental Applications Division providing environmental research and studies, instrument installation and maintenance, data recovery, editing and reporting, and emissions monitoring.
Nuclear Emergency Forecast service and models developed. Meteorological Monitoring at Nuclear Stations. Supplementary Control System effectively computerized. Diffusion models on-line and operating Air Quality Systems installed, maintained and computerized. Continuous Emissions Monitoring Service began.
Mr. Trettel retires and Thomas R. Piazza is named President of the Operational Forecasting Division.
Nationwide interstate highway trucking bulletins activated. Comprehensive Weather Data base computerized and on-line for client use. Microtel data logger developed for field use.
Mr. Murray and Mr. Trettel establish a leveraged Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Mr. Murray retires and John P. Bradley is named President. Thomas R. Piazza is named Executive Vice President.
The company acquires a small sole proprietorship, C.A.L.M. Weather Research, Inc., owned by Mark T. Carroll and specializing in the production of Climatological Reports for the placement of new airports and runways. Mark joins Murray and Trettel in the capacity of Sales Representative.
The company acquires Central Weather Service, a meteorological consulting firm located in Wheeling, specializing in aviation and commodities meteorological consultation.
The acquisition of C.A.L.M. and CWS staff and clients expands and enhances available services. Climatological consulting is offered for National and International airport projects. Aviation forecasting for private and corporate interests, Medi-vac Operations and Aerial Photography, provided by experienced Central Weather Service personnel, is added to available services.
Development of MetricTech, a means of improving probabilistic forecast techniques and reducing forecast bias.


Operational Forecast Division WEATHER COMMAND®

  • Utility Forecasts
  • Daily Operational Forecasts
  • Snow and Ice Warnings
  • Storm Warnings
  • Telephone Consultation
  • Forensic Meteorology
    • Aviation Forecasting for:
    • Private and Corporate Interests
    • Medi-vac Operations
    • Aerial Photography

Environmental Applications Division

  • Service to Nuclear Utilities
  • Sulfur Dioxide Calibrations and Audits, Opacity Audits
  • Install and Maintain Meteorological Monitoring Equipment
  • Data Collection, Archiving, QA, reporting and Climatic Analyses


WEATHER COMMAND® uses a NOAAPort satellite data acquisition system to receive and process all the worldwide weather data, radar, satellite and model data. WEATHER COMMAND® meteorologists are able to display, print and store data as needed. Meteorologists can produce Maps, Charts and Tables, on demand.


Over the years WEATHER COMMAND® has established a reputation for outstanding work performance. A large number of clients have been with Murray and Trettel for decades - proof of their satisfaction with the work performed.

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